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The ultimate scale of the development and operational success of the Stranaska® Academy enterprise depends solely on the extent of generosity and financial support derived through partnerships with individuals, community leaders, businesses, corporate sponsors and philanthropists – locally and nationally – who share the same passion and vision that we have for scientific real-world education of our youth. Together, through registration assistance for student internships to realize the empowerment of reality analytical science, we can provide open access and preparatory advantages to all students that have different levels of interest and aptitude in chemistry and related STEM courses.

Stranaska® Academy Motto: Go Make a Difference!

One of our enrichment goals is to establish synergistic partnerships which will facilitate our capability to develop hands-on lab classes that can benefit students of all ages: elementary school students, middle school students, high school students and post-secondary students. In particular, at our high school and post-secondary level, partnerships can reward our chemistry and related STEM students with advanced college readiness and new scientific workplace job opportunities that would otherwise be unknown to them.

In addition to the primary core scientific disciplines, our new analytical science and metrology lab classes and study modules will also benefit young students interested in ancillary disciplines including:

      • Jurisprudence (criminal and civil cases involving the interpretation of scientific forensic evidence)
      • Patent law
      • Journalism (accurate and insightful interpretation and reporting of scientific phenomena and events)
      • Other non-scientific professions

Partnerships will also facilitate our development of school workshops and summer camps that will enable us to reach out to students that otherwise would not have access to our academy.

Community Support

      • Individuals
      • Businesses
      • School Districts
      • Agencies
      • Foundations
      • Philanthropy

Corporate Support

      • Analytical Chemistry
      • Certified Reference Materials
      • Metrology
      • Instrumentation
      • Computer Software




Dr. Jerry Messman, Academy Director


Telephone: 970-282-7054