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Measurement Science and NGSS

The concept of measurement is introduced at the 5th-grade level in the physical sciences discipline of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). It is apparent that measurements are not referenced at all during the middle school years. It is not until the high school grade levels when the concept of measurement is again referenced – this time in Planning and Carrying Out Investigations in Science and Engineering Practices. From the NGSS perspective, it appears that students are merely taught to regard measurements simplistically as a important “tool” in chemistry, but nothing more. As such, most high school chemistry students currently do not acquire an appreciation for measurement science or a full understanding of its true power and scientific value. The unfortunate consequence of this is that many of our graduating chemistry students and other STEM students are poorly trained in the comprehension of measurement science as they prepare to enter college or the scientific workforce.

SAMEC™ not only enhances the relevance of NGSS, but it also mitigates the glaring NGSS oversight of not emphasizing measurement science in its current curriculuum. From the SAMEC™ perspective, a high school science education is incomplete and under-valued if the student had not been exposed to the principles, concepts and real-world scope of analytical metrology.