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Jerry holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry and mathematics, with a minor in physics, from Chadron State College (Chadron, Nebraska USA) and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in analytical chemistry from the University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland USA). Jerry’s formal educational background also includes a post-doctoral appointment in the chemistry department at the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, Arkansas USA). During his post-doctoral tenure, Jerry had supervisory responsibility for a department-wide laser laboratory in which he also conducted applied research in analytical laser ionization spectrometry.


As the sole founder of Stranaska Scientific LLC, Dr. Messman continues to maintain management responsibilities for the company. Prior to founding the company, Jerry was a former leader of the prestigious high-accuracy chemical spectrophotometry program for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Messman has earned international recognition for his unrelenting commitment to promote science-based practices in analytical spectrophotometric metrology in the FDA-regulated pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. Much of Jerry’s professional career in analytical UV/VIS metrology has been devoted to using his scientific company as an international forum and means to improve or reinforce the scientific validity, credibility and defensibility of analytical spectrophotometric measurement assurance practices in FDA-regulated laboratories worldwide.

Dr. Messman has always embraced his perceived personal obligation to disseminate scientific information regarding metrological principles and concepts as they apply to all fields of chemical analysis, testing and measurement. For example, Jerry’s expertise in analytical spectrophotometric metrology eventually caught the eye of an astute criminal defense attorney which soon launched him into the exciting professional field of forensic science and crime laboratory measurement education.

Jerry serves as the founding Director of the Stranaska Prep Academy and also the Stranaska Analytical Metrology Education Center (SAMEC). In the forensic science field, Dr. Messman developed and presented analytical metrology educational courses to technicians, scientists and managers at analytical chemistry and forensic science conferences.

Stranaska Scientific LLC is a world-wide industry expert and critical thought leader in analytical UV/VIS spectrophotometric metrology. The company has a rich history in the development of professional training courses that focus on the metrological characterization and evaluation of the key performance parameters of analytical spectrophotometer, microplate reader and HPLC detector instrumentation used in FDA-regulated life science laboratories. Designated with a federal registration trademark, Stranaska® symbolizes and honors the term ‘analytical metrology’ which was first coined more than 25 years ago by Dr. Messman to reflect the strategic overlap of analytical measurements and metrology in science and engineering.