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Aaron Guilliams 

Aaron is the recipient of the Stranaska 2020 college science student summer research internship which was awarded for study in measurement-centric chemistry and analytical science. He is now in his final year at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri where he double majors in chemistry and physics with a minor in mathematics. He has been inducted into several honor societies including Alpha Chi, Phi Mu Epsilon and the honors college at Westminster College. Aaron is also a member of the student government association and the college men’s soccer team.


Sharra Baeighkley

Sharra is a graduate of Rocky Mountain High School (Fort Collins, Colorado USA), and currently attends classes at Front Range Community College – Larimer Campus (Fort Collins, Colorado USA). Her college science interest involves studies in pursuit of a degree in astronomy. Sharra started her internship working with Dr. Messman where she assisted in editorial research in the organization and archival of UV/VIS spectrophotometric metrology laboratory data. Sharra concluded her research internship appointment as an Analytical Metrology Technician Intern in the Stranaska spectrophotometric metrology laboratory.



Sonia Garcia

Sonia is a graduate of Colorado State University where she earned a bachelors degree in biological sciences. Her science interest and passion is related to human gross anatomy and pathology in the healthcare profession. In addition to her full-time employment in a local pathology laboratory, Sonia worked on a part-time basis assisting Dr. Messman with editorial research in the organization and archival of Stranaska UV/VIS spectrophotometric metrology laboratory data.